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Course Overview

This SAP GRC training allows you to preserve and consistently update to make sure that the companies remain risk-free from any type of issues related to compliance and governance. With this course, you can rest assured of learning a variety of concepts, such as GRC access control overview and navigation, auditing SAP ERP, and more. The training lets you acquire skills for addressing the issues related to GRC in a company. 


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5 Hrs Project & Exercises
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SAP GRC Course Content

Course Overview

  • Challenges in auditing SAP ERP
  • Segregation of duties and restricted access
  • GRC access control overview and navigation
  • Verification of Post installations
  • RAR Overview of Configuration
  • RAR Connectors
  • RAR Rules set building
  • RAR Risk
  • Business process and Functions building
  • RAR Reporting
  • RAR Background jobs Overview
  • RAR Risk Analysis
  • RAR Risk Remediation
  • RAR Mitigation Control process and Concept
  • Continuous Compliance
  • SAP GRC Access Control Compliant User Provisioning
  • Verification of Post installations,
  • CUP Overview of Configurations
  • Compliant User provisioning Functionality
  • CUP Request form Customization
  • CUP Custom field Configuration
  • CUP Integration with RAR
  • CUP integration with Central User Administration System
  • CUP Request Types and Workflows configuration
  • SMTP server setup in CUP
  • Detour and Escape routes configuration
  • Role Approvers Maintenance in CUP
  • SPM Overview of Configurations
  • Firefighter role creation in SPM
  • SPM Parameter Maintenance for Firefighter Access
  • Reason codes creation in SPM
  • Assignment of Firefighter id’s to Owners and Controllers in SPM
  • Running Log Reports in SPM
  • ERM Overview of Configurations
  • Enterprise Role Management Workflow Steps
  • System landscape
  • Role attributes
  • ERM Integration with CUP and RAR
  • ERM Methodology Process and Concept
  • Approving Role changes
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Hands-on Projects

SAP GRC Projects
Practical oriented projects and use-cases will help you experience how the skills learned will solve real-time problems.
At least two projects.
Assisted lab setup to practice skills.

SAP GRC Training Options

Self Paced Learning
30 Hrs of Pre-recorded videos
e-learning content
Life-time LMS Access
100% Practical Approach
Labs and Practicals included
Watch & Learn at your own pace
Online Classroom
30 Hrs of Instructor-Led Live Training
Doubts solving with Trainers
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SAP GRC Online Training Objectives

The objective of this online SAP GRC training is to help you gain adequate skills to make progress in the career. The course helps you gain excellent command on the SAP GRC essentials at the desirable timings. With this training, you understand a variety of SAP GRC concepts. 


GRC is one of the demanding areas of business. In the present era, it covers 2.2% of the entire market share. An average salary that you can earn by being a SAP GRC professional is almost $136,500. This way, you can earn approximately $70 per hour.

This course is ideal for architects, business process and application consultants. Beginners can also take part in this course. Apart from this, the course is also good enough for SAP team members looking forward to adding skill sets in the cross modules. And, freshers as well as audit team members can also take part in this course. 

You must have knowledge of SAP GRC Access Control 5.2 to enroll in this course. Also, if you have working knowledge of SAP security concepts, it will be an added advantage. 

Here are some of the skills that you will learn by enrolling in this SAP GRC training course:

  • Challenges in auditing SAP ERP
  • Verification of Post installations
  • CUP Overview of Configurations
  • Firefighter role creation in SPM
  • Enterprise Role Management Workflow Steps

And much more!

After completing the course, you can gain jobs at the following positions:

  • SAP GRC Consultant 
  • SAP GRC Package Consultant   
  • SAP GRC Package Specialist  
  • SAP GRC Manager  
  • SAP GRC Security Consultant

SAP GRC Training Course Reviews

This is an excellent and comprehensive SAP GRC training course that should be taken by everyone.




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FAQs about SAP GRC Course

SSC, GRC (Governance, Risk Management, Compliance) are three foundational factors of business processes that ensure an organization can achieve its goals using technology, processes, and people effectively. 

In addition to providing excellent career opportunities, SAP GRC offers excellent learning scope with very high salaries for certified professionals. With the skills you learn in this course, you can easily streamline your business. Hence, it is definitely worth learning. 

Your SAP GRC certification helps prove that you have adequate knowledge and experience in the field of SAP GRC. With the certificate, you can demonstrate to employers that you will be an invaluable asset to them due to your hands-on knowledge of SAP GRC. 

If you are interested in earning the SAP GRC certificate, you will need to enroll into a relevant course that covers all the requirements in depth. Following the course completion, you will be required to take the examination that measures your capabilities. Once you pass the SAP GRC certification exam successfully, you will receive your certificate. In addition, you can enroll in our online SAP GRC certification training at TekSlate for professional assistance in order to prepare adequately for the SAP GRC exam.

The cost for SAP GRC certification is $575.

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