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Course Details

Master data management (MDM) is a comprehensive method of enabling an enterprise to link all of its critical data to one file, called a master file, that provides a common point of reference.

Informatica MDM uses a flexible business model-driven MDM approach to address your unique MDM business requirements. This proven multi-domain MDM approach improves operations by empowering business users with consolidated and reliable business-critical data—such as customers, products, channel partners, suppliers—and the relationships between data.

Course  Informatica MDM Training
Mode of Training  Instructor Led Live Online Training
Duration  30 hours
Timings  Flexible (Our Rep will work with you on the timings that suits your needs)
Course Material  Our Expert Trainer will share you all the necessary course material,  ppt’s, videos and pdf’s
Examples  Trainer will cover Real time scenarios during the training
Interview Questions  Click here to see the Interview Questions
Certification  Click here to know about the Informatica MDM Certification
Salary Trends  Check here to see the salary trends here.

Why to attend Informatica MDM Training Online?​

Classes are conducted by Certified Informatica MDM Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your career on Informatica MDM. Our training make you more productive with your Informatica MDM Online Training. Our training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

Why to opt for Informatica MDM?

Informatica provides the market’s leading data integration platform. Its platform approach begins with the data model, and later goes to business logic and client interface. It is a flexible business model –driven MDM to fulfil the exceptional business requirements. Operational proficiency is increased by the confiding in an extraordinarily reliable framework. It also makes Informatica the ideal strategic platform for companies looking to solve data integration issues of any size.

Course Objectives

  • Understand DBMS Concept
  • Use PowerCenter 9.x components to build Mappings, Tasks, Workflows
  • Learn to create MDM mappings
  • Understand Workflow Task and job handling
  • Describe Mapping Parameter and Variables
  • Perform debugging, troubleshooting, error handling and recovery
  • Recognize and explain the functionalities of the Repository Manager tool
  • Explain Services and Integration framework
  • Understand techniques of SCD, XML Processing, Partitioning, Constraint based loading and Incremental Aggregation
  • Gain insight on ETL best practices using Informatica
  • Write custom cleanse functions for different needs
  • Build one basic live project by yourself
  • Identify how to handle services in the Administration Console

Informatica MDM Training Curriculum

Introduction to Informatica MDM Concepts

What is Master data Master,Data Examples, What is Informatica Master data Management

Business drivers for Informatica MDM, Benefits of MDM (Why MDM?), Informatica MDM Architectural Styles

Introduction to MDM

Core Capabilities, Informatica MDM Hub Architecture –Hub components, Key Concepts, Key components of Informatica MDM Hub

Building the Schema for Informatica MDM

Master Database and ORS in Informatica MDM,Base Objects, XREF and History tables in Informatica MDM

Configuring Base Objects, Configuring columns and FK relationships in Informatica MDM, Informatica MDM Queries and Packages

Data Flow – Land, Stage and Load Process

Land Process Stage, Process Mappings for Informatica MDM Rejects, Data cleansing, Load Process

Trust Framework and Validation Rule in Informatica MDM, Perform Consolidation Indicator lifecycle in Informatica MDM

Data Flow – Tokenisation, Match & Merge Process

How to Match, Tokenisation Match Process, How to Configure match properties in Informatica MDM,Match paths,Match columns, Match column rules

What are Informatica MDM Match Rule sets & PK match rules, Match Distribution Consolidation Process in Informatica MDM, How to Publish Process in Informatica MDM

Executing Informatica MDM Batch processes

Batch Viewer, Batch Group, Job status & job statistics in Informatica MDM, Environment reports and Database interface Informatica MDM Log files,

App server log, cleanse-match server log, Hub console log, DB logs

Informatica MDM Hierarchy Management

Informatica MDM Entity, BO and Entity types, Informatica MDM Relationship

BO and Real types Hierarchies, HM Profiles and HM Packages in Informatica MDM


IDD Concepts in Informatica MDM Create, Manage, Consume and Monitor

What are Informatica MDM Relationships, Application Validation

Configuring IDD in Informatica data director.

MDM Informatica Training Overview

There are four major pillars on which Universal MDM depends; they are universal services, universal domains, universal governance and universal solutions. With Infa MDM 9.6, Informatica delivers on all four capabilities with a truly flexible master data management technology that enables companies to start small by solving their most immediate business problem and scaling to others across the enterprise.

Informatica MDM 9.6 brings this universal MDM strategy, delivering such key benefits as:

  • Dynamic data masking for improved security and compliance
  • Simplified administration and rapid MDM deployment through single stage data On-boarding.
  • Database independence and operational scalability for Increased end user productivity
  • Empowered business users through new Informatica MDM data governance user interface.
  • Accelerated time-to-value through new MDM solutions.

Universal Services: They are common platform services such as data integration, data quality, metadata and MDM services such as matching, survivorship, and security that form the foundation of MDM architecture.

Universal Domains: Universal Domains are multiple data domains such as customer, product, location, employee, and beyond, as well as the relationships across the domains.

Universal Governance: Universal Governance empowers business users to perform data governance and stewardship activities through a common user interface accessible via InformaticaMDM Data Director, business applications, or MDM iOS app.

Universal Solutions: Universal Solutions accelerate Time-to-Value with predefined data models, prewired business rules and logic, and preconfigured user interface.

Informatica MDM Architecture

Informatica MDM Hub consists of three-tier model architecture.

Database Server
Application Server
User Interface layer

Database Server –

Database server stores the metadata of the application. The database can be any relational management system such as Oracle,SQL Server, or DB2 etc.

Application Server –

This tier takes care of security and access to the data. It is based on J2EE compliant application server, such as Websphere or Weblogic.

User Interface (UI) layer –

This layer allows users to use Informatica MDM to perform their data management tasks. Access to this can be limited based on the roles & responsibilities of the users.

MDM involves a number of technology solutions, including data integration, data quality, and business process management (BPM). It delivers:

  • A single view of the data—Creating a single, authoritative view of business-critical data from disparate, duplicate, and conflicting information lets you see, for instance, that Rob Barnes and Robert Barnes are the same person.
  • A 360-degree view of the relationships—Business rules let you identify the relationships among the data, so you can combine data showing Robert Barnes owns a Razor scooter with data showing he bought it at a Target store.
  • A complete view of all interactions—Integrating the transactions and social interactions that have occurred with that product, customer, channel partner, or other data element gives you a complete view of that customer.

The selection of entities considered for master data management depends somewhat on the nature of an organization. In the common case of commercial enterprises, master data management may apply to such entities as customer (customer data integration), product (product information management), employee, and vendor. Master data management processes identify the sources from which to collect descriptions of these entities. In the course of transformation and normalization, administrators adapt descriptions to conform to standard formats and data domains, making it possible to remove duplicate instances of any entity. Such processes generally result in an organizational master data management repository, from which all requests for a certain entity instance produce the same description, irrespective of the originating sources and the requesting destination.

Informatica MDM Job Responsibilities

Typical Informatica MDM job responsibilities include –

  • Assists with developing logical and physical database schemas, stored procedures, interfaces, and extensions to large enterprise proprietary solutions, primarily focused on the MDM initiative.
  • Provides design, architecture and development support to MDM projects requiring real–time and batch Data Interfaces in compliance with data reference architecture.
  • Develop and implement MDM solutions (multiple domains) based on project timelines and promote the adoption of best practice standards.Provides Informatica MDM HUB development support and detailed technical knowledge of Informatica MDM products
  • Analyzes and defines detailed MDM processes, tasks, data flows, and dependencies
  • Develop custom mapping functions
  • Develop extensions and customizations to the services (SIF) tier of Informatica MDM Hub
  • Participates in system and integration test
  • Support technical issue / conflict resolution; demonstrated problem solving skill
  • Supporting requirement analysis, system analysis, design, development, testing, implementation
  • Produces detailed MDM design specifications consistent with the high-level MDM design specifications
  • Develops MDM solution meeting technical specifications and business requirements according to the established designs
  • Conducts MDM unit tests and code reviews
  • Participates MDM design reviews, including database code design reviews
  • Participates in system and integration test, identifies and resolves solution defects
  • Review current MDM data models to understand the as is environment
  • Develop extensions and customizations to the database tier of Informatica MDM Hub
  • Produces database code (SQL, stored procedures, and any other database specific code) solutions meeting technical specifications and business requirements according to the established designs
  • Conducts database code unit tests and code reviews and participate in system and integration test and remedies solution defects
  • Provide Informatica MDM Training to end users

We also offer Informatica IDQ Training, please visit here for more details.

Informatica MDM Certification

The Informatica family of Master Data Management (MDM) products improves operations and decisions with consolidated and reliable data. Demonstrate your ability to deploy MDM via two levels of certification exams:

Exam Details: https://www.webassessor.com/wa.do?page=publicHome&branding=INFORMATICA

Salary Trends

Average Informatica MDM salaries for job postings nationwide are 77% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.


Ref: Indeed.com

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Benefits to our Global Learners

  • Tekslate services are Student-centered learning.
  • Qualitative & cost effective learning at your pace.
  • Geographical access to learn from any part of the world.

Informatica MDM Certification Training in Your City

Informatica MDM Training India

Tekslate provides instructor-led live online training and corporate training. Informatica MDM Training provides you hands on real-time project experience. Our Informatica MDM trainers are certified industry experts and work professionals. We provide customized training for beginners as well working professionals.

Informatica MDM Training United States

Our trainers in US are certified and have in-depth knowledge regarding Informatica MDM Concepts. Tekslate superior quality training is what makes us stand apart from others. Case studies are included in the curriculum of training programs irrespective of the mode you chose. You can avail training in your cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and more.

Informatica MDM Training in Hyderabad

We at TekSlate offer interactively designed Informatica MDM training. The Informatica MDM Training course design in Hyderabad aims not only imparting theoretical concepts, but also aid students explore and experiment the subject. By the end of our training program, students can confidently update their profiles with knowledge and Hands on experience.

Informatica MDM Training in Bangalore

TekSlate masters in IT Online Training services. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering SSIS Training in Bangalore in a more practical way. We guarantee efficient training offered by real-time experts in the industry.

Informatica MDM Training in Chennai

TekSlate is one of the top-ranked Institute in Informatica MDM training in Chennai. We provide best quality training for Informatica MDM online with well-experienced professionals. Our unique blend of hands-on training enables students with the productive skills to improve their performance.

Informatica MDM Training in Pune

TekSlate offers Instructor-led online training by Top-Notch Trainers in Pune. Every session will be recorded and provided to you for future reference. Good quality Material will help students explore the subject confidently.

Informatica MDM Training in Mumbai

TekSlate offers best Informatica MDM Training in Mumbai with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working professionals in the related technologies. Our team of trainers provides training services in a practical way with a framed syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

Informatica MDM Training in Delhi

Informatica MDM Training helps you to develop your IT skills through our wide variant training curricula. TekSlate in Delhi has immense experienced real-time professionals having years of experience. Our training program is very much mixed with both practical and interview point of questions to achieve the expertise in the subject.


What Are The Modes Of Training?

Tekslate basically offers the online instructor-led training. Apart from that we also provide corporate training for enterprises.

Who Are The Trainers?

Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Tekslate also verifies their technical background and expertise.

What If I Miss A Class?

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Can I Request For A Support Session If I Find Difficulty In Grasping Topics?

If you have any queries you can contact our 24/7 dedicated support to raise a ticket. We provide you email support and solution to your queries. If the query is not resolved by email we can arrange for a one-on-one session with our trainers.

What Kind Of Projects Will I Be Working On As Part Of The Training?

You will work on real world projects wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. We have multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills and knowledge of various aspect and components making you perfectly industry-ready.

How Will I Execute The Practical?

Our Trainers will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

If I Cancel My Enrollment, Will I Get The Refund?

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

Will I Be Working On A Project?

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

Are These Classes Conducted Via Live Online Streaming?

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Is There Any Offer / Discount I Can Avail?

There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

Who Are Our Customers & Our Location?

As we are one of the leading providers of Online training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other parts of the world.

Course Reviews


1575 ratings
    • The online course session was good with a lot of discussion on the subject in depth. Demo's were good and the trainer cleared my doubts clearly.The trainer having a very good command on the subject.
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    • Real time/live scenario's were included in the training sessions. The trainer's has very good command on the subject. Thank you..
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      Claire Edwards
    • I like the training period from Tekslate. The course is very well designed that helps to keep track until we demonstrate subject mastery.
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      Anya Vasilisa
    • Using most innovative teaching techniques, Tekslate intended to help students to learn through online. A great part of the coursework is allowed to use and earn certification by the time they finish t ...
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      Alvin Alicia


Informatica Positioned as a Leader in 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service

According to Gartner, Inc research report, they announced that has for the fourth successive year situated Informatica as a Leader in its March 2017 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS), Worldwide. Informatica is a innovator in cloud information joining and now more than 600 billion transactions are prepared with Informatica Cloud every month, showing the development in workloads switching to the cloud and driving today's mixture cloud period. Clients rely on upon Informatica Cloud to support such key utilize cases as SaaS combination, cloud examination and information warehousing, half breed cloud administration, application mix and information administration over different sorts of conditions, all powered by Informatica's iPaaS platform.