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Informatica Application Information Life cycle Management (ILM) software empowers your IT organization to cost-effectively handle data growth, safely retire legacy systems and applications, optimize test data management and protect sensitive data. This family of software handles every phase of the data lifecycle from creation to disposal for end-to-end information lifecycle management. With the Informatica Application ILM product family, your IT team can better support application optimization, data center and IT consolidation, IT modernization, regulatory compliance, and mergers and acquisitions. Informatica Application Information Lifecycle Management is the best-of breed technology that has not only helped us drive down total cost of ownership but improved performance of mission-critical assets, resulting in significant improvement in customer satisfaction.

Informatica ILM Training Curriculum

Introduction to ILM Data Archive

Describe Informatica’s approach to data archive, Introduction to the ILM Data Archive architecture, Identify the components of the Data Archive

System Administration

Describe the system configuration, Create and manage source and target connections, Describe JDBC connectivity, Describe auditing

Users and Security

Creating and managing users, Describing the concepts of system-defined roles, Describe the significance of the Administrator role and its privileges, Describe the use of security groups, Describe the required database privileges, Describe the various file archive roles

Informatica Enterprise Data Manager

Describe the ILM Enterprise Data Manager (EDM), Describe the EDM architecture, Describe the key benefits of using the EDM

ILM Data Archive Web UI

Describe the archive process flow, Create a source repository, Create a target repository, Create a security group, Create and define an archive project, Schedule and run an archive project, Monitor the status of the archive job, Open and read the Row Count report

ILM Data Archive Web UI Online Restore

Describe the restore process, Describe the restore flow, Describe the various methods to restore an archive, Describe a cycle restore project, Describe a transaction restore project

Seamless Access

Describe and create a seamless access job

Introduction to ILM Data Archive

ILM Data Archive-Application Retirement, Describe Informatica’s approach to Application Retirement, Describe Informatica ILM DATA ARCHIVE, Explain ILM Data Archive Architecture

ILM File Archive Service (FAS)

Describe features and architecture

ILM Application Retirement Project

Describe the application retirement process, Create a source repository, Create a target repository, Create a security group, Create a retirement project, Schedule and run the retirement job, Open and read the Row Count report

Handling External Attachments

Describe how to manage attachments

Data Discovery Retention Management and Legal Hold

Describe Discovery Portal, Describe retention management and types of retention, Describe significance of legal hold

Data Discovery Retention Management and Legal Hold

Describe significance

Salary Trends

Average Informatica ILM  Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

Informatica ILM Training


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