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What is Cognos TM1?

IBM Cognos TM1 integrates performance measurement, operational data and business planning to facilitate companies to customer interaction regardless and optimize business effectiveness of structure or geography. Cognos TM1 contribute accountability within a collaborative process, a consistent view and immediate visibility into data of information. Some of the new applications of Cognos TM1 are specified below.

Why to attend Tekslate Online Training ?​

Classes are conducted by Certified Cognos TM1 Working Professionals with 100 % Quality Assurance.

With an experienced Certified practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your career on IBM  Cognos TM1. Our training make you more productive with your Cognos TM1 Certification Training Online. Our training style is entirely hands-on. We will provide access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs with real-time projects.

Who should go for this course?

– This course is good for software developers and Mainframe professionals

– Cognos TM1 gives SQL developers and database architect and edge in the competitive industry

– Project Managers and Business Objects experts also needs Cognos TM1 for more effective approach and results

Who should go for this course?

The main objective of this course is to teach you how you can be able to build a complete model in TM1

  • The Cognos TM1 course is aimed at providing you with the knowledge needed in Creating and analyzing sophisticated plans, budgets and forecasts
  • This course helps you in the development of metrics for measuring progress toward objectives and be able to practically link them to actions and forecasts.
  • The Cognos TM1 course teaches you how to develop and deploy complex analysis and planning models with the use of a directed modeling environment.
  • This course helps you understand the diverse options in Cloud-based deployment

The Cognos TM1 Mobile app attaches to an IBM Cognos TM1 Server and co-exists with web programs and other desktop and that connect to the same server. IBM Cognos TM1 Web now runs on a Java web application server such as Apache Tomcat. So you no length use Microsoft Internet Information Services and the Microsoft .NET Framework. By default, the Cognos TM1 configures installation Cognos TM1 Web to use the Apache Tomcat web application server that is maintained with the Cognos TM1 installation. Score-carding with Cognos TM1 integrates strategy management capabilities and score-carding into Cognos TM1 to bring better integration of Performance Management with planning. You can construct scorecard solutions that involve strategy maps, custom diagrams interactive and impact diagrams that monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs) .You can represent a calculation that can be scoped across the full measured of a cube. Cube calculations are a way of facilitate the creation of rules to entire common modeling operations, such as maintaining and managing the model. You can add a calculation to make your model relevant by deriving more information from the data source

Parallel Interaction (PI) is a server configuration that improves response time of writing data by removing lock contention resulting from concurrent cube data access (when the system reads data or when the system writes data). When enabled, Parallel Interaction changes the Cognos TM1 Object Locking model so that write operations are not blocked by concurrent data read or data write operations to the same cube (or dependent cubes based on rules). Read operations always include the most current write activity as of the time the read operation begins. Comparisons between Cognos TM1 with or without Parallel Interaction show significant performance improvements for writer response time and an overall greater throughput of transactions with test cases that simulate high user concurrency.

Cognos TM1 10.x Training Course Curriculum

Basics and Administration

Introduction to TM1, Different Components Of TM1, Installation Of TM1 server and Client on a machine, Creation of new TM1 data server, Connecting to existing TM1 server, TM1 administration

TM1 Architect

Create Dimensions, Review cubes and dimensions,Create dimensions manually,Edit dimensions,Create dimensions using Turbo Integrator

Build Cubes and Views

Discuss cubes and data points, Create cubes, Construct views of data in cubes, Create and use a pick list

Load and Maintain Data

Create processes to load data, Create a process to delete data in a cube, Create processes to update the model

Add Business Rules

Discuss a rule, Construct rules for elements or consolidations, Use functions in rules,Optimize rule performance, Discuss rules in a Rule Worksheet

Optimize rule performance

Use Skipcheck and Feeders, Employ tools to enhance rules and feeders

Transfer Data into Your Model Using Scripts

Review Advanced tabs in Turbo Integrator, Add a subset to a dimension,Use logic in scripts, Move data between versions, Construct chores

Customize Drill Paths

Create a Drill Process, Create a Drill Assignment Rule

Using Rules for Advanced Modeling

Discuss virtual cubes, List uses for lookup cubes, Create and use a spread profile cube, Implement moving balances in a cube


Creating Users and Groups, Cube Level Security, Dimension Security, Element level Security

Create and Deploy Planning Applications to the Web

Create a Managed Planning Application, Apply security to Managed Planning Applications, Examine design techniques and best practices

Working with Sandboxes

Creation of sandboxes, Deleting sandboxes, Commit Sandboxes, Reset data

TM1 Perspective

Creation of Slice, Creation of snapshot, Creation of Active from, Active from vs snapshot, snapshot vs slice

Working with Worksheet Slice and active form

Adding Action Buttons in worksheet, In Spreadsheet Browser, How to Create In Spreadsheet Browser, How to swap row and columns

TM1 Web

Components in TM1 Web,How to create Cube view in TM1 web, How to use subset in Tm1 web, How to create Chart Report, How to change Chart Type and Colors, How to Change Chart appearance, How to Change Chart Properties, How to Run Process in Cognos TM1 Web, How to Edit Chores, How to Activate Chores,How to Execute Chores, How to change user password,How to change Dimension Properties, How to create Sandbox, How to commit Sand box,How to reload sandbox, How to delete sandbox,How to integrate TM1 Web with Cognos BI Portal.

TM1 contributor

Advantages of Contributor Vs TM1 web,Deploy the contributor application, Creating the Approval hierarchy, Work flow creation

Cognos 10 TM1 New Features

Cognos Insight

Analyze Data in IBM Cognos Insight:Import data from various sources, Refresh previously imported data,Analyze and calculate data in your workspace, Choose an effective chart for your analysis, Design a compelling workspace with widgets, tabs, and themes, Publish a workspace

Cognos Performance Modeller

Understanding TM1 Performance Modeler, Creating Dimensions manually, Creating complex calculations in dimensions, Using Built-in functions, Modifying existing dimensions, Creating Cubes and using quick data entry techniques, Creating, editing and executing Links, Understanding and analysing complex links,Importing data from external sources using Guided Import, Creating Dimensions using Guided Import, Creating Look-up and Accumulation links,Creating and executing Processes, Creating and scheduling Chores, Creating and maintaining centrally administered Contributor applications, Creating and administering Contributor approval applications, Deploying and Migrating Contributor applications, Create Applications, Identify application types

Assignments (Workshop)


Cognos TM1 Overview

Here are the advanced Cognos Tm1 interview questions designed by our professionals.

Cognos TM1 Job Responsibilities

You should have very good experience in Cognos TM1 Architecture.

A Cognos TM1 consultant should have the ability to translate technical requirements into optimal data delivery solutions with the use of Cognos TM1

As a Cognos TM1 consultant, you are expected to have knowledge in the Provision and management of organizational Analytics and reporting

The Cognos TM1 course offer the ability in the provision of Solutions for software services and consultation

Cognos TM1 Certification

Cognos TM1 certification gives attendees the knowledge and confidence to take full advantage of Cognos TM1 platform. The practical hands-on learning approach followed at TekSlate will ensure you clear the exam in the first attempt and get job ready by the end of it.

  • Having a Cognos TM1 certification distinguishes you as an expert.
  • For Cognos TM1 certification, you need not go to a test center, as the exams are available online. You can give your exam anytime anywhere.
  • You need to register yourself at to give your Cognos TM1 related exams.

There are 3 levels of Certification for Cognos TM1 based on the role.

  • IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Analyst
  • IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Developer
  • IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator

Exam Details:

Salary Trends

Average Cognos TM1 Salary in USA

Cognos TM1 Training


Benefits to our Global Learners

  • Tekslate services are Student-centered learning.
  • Qualitative & cost effective learning at your pace.
  • Geographical access to learn from any part of the world.

Cognos TM1 Certification Training in Your City

Cognos TM1 Training India

Tekslate provides instructor-led live online training and corporate training. Cognos TM1 Training provides you hands on real-time project experience. Our Cognos TM1 trainers are certified industry experts and work professionals. We provide customized training for beginners as well working professionals.

Cognos TM1 Training United States

Our trainers in US are certified and have in-depth knowledge regarding Cognos TM1 Concepts. Tekslate superior quality training is what makes us stand apart from others. Case studies are included in the curriculum of training programs irrespective of the mode you chose. You can avail training in your cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, and more.

Cognos TM1 Training United Kingdom

For experienced professionals in UK, special batches are conducted in different timings. Customized approach to imparting training has made us different from others. You can clarify your doubts after completing the class. You can avail training in your cities like London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and more.

Cognos TM1 Training Canada

There are many companies that offer Cognos TM1 10.x training in Canada. Our Cognos TM1 course provides basic understanding about the introduction and overview. It is the course that can be educate right from the beginner to the intermediate and advanced level. Cognos TM1 Training is provided by Real Time Industry Experts who has huge subject knowledge, skills and enhances the skills of students in the best way. You can avail training in your cities like Montreal, Winnipeg, Mississauga, Ottawa and more

Cognos TM1 Training in Hyderabad

We at TekSlate offer interactively designed Cognos TM1 training. The Cognos TM1 Training course design in Hyderabad aims not only imparting theoretical concepts, but also aid students explore and experiment the subject. By the end of our training program, students can confidently update their profiles with knowledge and Hands on experience.

Cognos TM1 Training in Bangalore

TekSlate masters in IT Online Training services. We are aware of industry needs and we are offering Cognos TM1 Training in Bangalore in a more practical way. We guarantee efficient training offered by real-time experts in the industry.

Cognos TM1 Training in Chennai

TekSlate is one of the top-ranked Institute in Cognos TM1 training in Chennai. We provide best quality training for Cognos TM1 online with well-experienced professionals. Our unique blend of hands-on training enables students with the productive skills to improve their performance.

Cognos TM1 Training in Pune

TekSlate offers Instructor-led online training by Top-Notch Trainers in Pune. Every session will be recorded and provided to you for future reference. Good quality Material will help students explore the subject confidently.

Cognos TM1 Training in Mumbai

TekSlate offers best Cognos TM1 Training in Mumbai with most experienced professionals. Our Instructors are working professionals in the related technologies. Our team of trainers provides training services in a practical way with a framed syllabus to match with the real world requirements for both beginner level to advanced level.

Cognos TM1 Training in Delhi

Cognos TM1 Training helps you to develop your IT skills through our wide variant training curricula. TekSlate in Delhi has immense experienced real-time professionals having years of experience. Our training program is very much mixed with both practical and interview point of questions to achieve the expertise in the subject.

What Are The Modes Of Training?

Tekslate basically offers the online instructor-led training. Apart from that we also provide corporate training for enterprises.

Who Are The Trainers?

Our trainers have relevant experience in implementing real-time solutions on different queries related to different topics. Tekslate also verifies their technical background and expertise.

What If I Miss A Class?

We record each LIVE class session you undergo through and we will share the recordings of each session/class.

Can I Request For A Support Session If I Find Difficulty In Grasping Topics?

If you have any queries you can contact our 24/7 dedicated support to raise a ticket. We provide you email support and solution to your queries. If the query is not resolved by email we can arrange for a one-on-one session with our trainers.

What Kind Of Projects Will I Be Working On As Part Of The Training?

You will work on real world projects wherein you can apply your knowledge and skills that you acquired through our training. We have multiple projects that thoroughly test your skills and knowledge of various aspect and components making you perfectly industry-ready.

How Will I Execute The Practical?

Our Trainers will provide the Environment/Server Access to the students and we ensure practical real-time experience and training by providing all the utilities required for the in-depth understanding of the course.

If I Cancel My Enrollment, Will I Get The Refund?

If you are enrolled in classes and/or have paid fees, but want to cancel the registration for certain reason, it can be attained within 48 hours of initial registration. Please make a note that refunds will be processed within 30 days of prior request.

Will I Be Working On A Project?

The Training itself is Real-time Project Oriented.

Are These Classes Conducted Via Live Online Streaming?

Yes. All the training sessions are LIVE Online Streaming using either through WebEx or GoToMeeting, thus promoting one-on-one trainer student Interaction.

Is There Any Offer / Discount I Can Avail?

There are some Group discounts available if the participants are more than 2.

Who Are Our Customers & Our Location?

As we are one of the leading providers of Online training, We have customers from USA, UK, Canada, Australia, India and other parts of the world.

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