Tekslate is pleasured to deliver the Best Blockchain training online, which helps to know the usage of technology to understand the opportunities and benefits that exist, develop decentralised applications and improve the existing systems. Blockchain course in Tekslate provides you with the correct knowledge in understanding the business issues to surround the Blockchain emergence and explain in its value and general structure.

Key Features

  • 30 hours of Instructor Led Blockchain Training
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Practical Approach
  • 24/7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
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Course Overview

Upon the course completion, aspirants will acquire in-depth subject knowledge skill set in every module to gain expertise in Blockchain technology

  • Overview of Blockchain and its value

  • Leverage subject knowledge skills in distributed ledger technology and general Blockchain structure

  • Ability to enhance Blockchain evolution and cryptocurrencies with smart contracts

  • Real Application using Blockchain technology and Blockchain potential

  • Blockchain applications in real-time

  • Block adoption in various organisations

  • Existing Blockchain frameworks with Blockchain in the cloud

Blockchain technology provides access to decentralised and secure transactions that offers an improved basis for fraud prevention, non-repudiation, financial, governance, and personal data. The demand for Blockchain technology is very high that is from various sectors like banking, insurance, financial institutes, etc. Blockchain training online at Tekslate will be added a career advantage to showcase the skill set for organisation development.

The following candidates will gain the maximum advantage if attends the training :

  • IT Personnel

  • Product team

  • Asset Managers

  • Internal Auditors

  • Any graduate interested in pursuing the field

There are no specific prerequisites in attending Blockchain training but having knowledge in the below specific areas will fetch:

  • Familiar with some basic concepts behind database

  • Computer networks

  • Basic protocols

The tutor will take care of handling the projects. We will provide two real-time projects with a highly-skilled guide who can assist you throughout the project.

Course Curriculum

  • Origins of Cryptography

  • Various schemes in Cryptography

  • Elliptical Curve for Cryptography

  • Digital Signature (ECDSA)

  • Hash Function in Cryptography

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency

  • Use-cases of Cryptocurrency

  • Hash Functions, Pointers, Data Structure

  • Addresses and Private Keys

  • Summarise

  • Assignment

  • Blockchain and its evolution

  • Key Terminologies used in the blockchain

  • Enterprise Blockchain vs Cryptocurrency

  • Blockchain – Architecture and Data Model

  • Popular Blockchain and their comparison

  • Blockchain use-cases

  • Summarise

  • Assignment

  • Bitcoin Currency and its Origin

  • Distributed Consensus

  • Anonymity and Pseudonymity

  • Incentives and Proof-of-Work

  • Ecosystem

  • Summary

  • Assignment

  • Transaction Flow

  • Transaction Data Structure and Verification

  • Transaction Scripts and Use-cases

  • Bitcoin Network

  • Limitations of Bitcoin Blockchain

  • Summary

  • Assignment

  • Hyperledger Fabric Introduction

  • Fabric Architecture & Data Models

  • Key Concepts in Hyperledger Fabric

  • Detailed Transaction Flow

  • Introduction to Composer

  • Hyperledger Use-cases

  • Sample use-case design considerations

  • About Composer Playground
  • Run sample applications on Playground

  • Create an app for one use-case

  • Install Hyperledger Fabric locally

  • VMWare, Ubuntu

  • Pre-requisites

  • Fabric and Composer CLI

  • Import the app created into the fabric

  • Deploy the app

  • Execute the app through CLI

  • Blockchain and future

  • Discuss use-cases for industries

  • BaaS

  • Summary and key takeaway

  • Course feedback


  • Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.
  • We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.
  • For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student. 
  • All our training classes are live. This is to solve all the student queries directly with the trainer.
  • Live online training means, our trainer will be in online with you to solve your issues.
  • Pre-recorded training means, there will be no trainer available to solve your issues.
  • You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to info@tekslate.com for your queries.
  • Yes, you can access the course material after completing course by the recorded training videos we shared with you during training.
  • To avail all discounts offered by Tekslate, you need to visit the website regularly. However, there will be a group discount for 2 or more participants.
  • Yes, you will get your refund by cancelling some administration fee from the course. But, you should cancel your enrolment within 48 hours of registration, and then the refund will be retained within 30 days of a request.


The students at the end of the course are assigned to work on two distinct real-time projects. Once you completed the project assigned with expected results, our team of experts will verify and issue a Blockchain Course Completion Certificate. If you are unable to complete the exam, we support you and clarify your doubts and re-attempt the project.