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WebSphere MQ Series Interview Questions – Part 1

We have two types of Logs one is Transactional Logs and the other is Error logs

Errors will contain all s/w level errors and information. Qmgr will contain all the information of qmgr objects and errors

Full repository will contains all the information of cluster qmgrs and other objects. Partial repository will contain all the information of the particular qmgr and other instances for communication

We have one queuei.eSYSTEM.CHANNEL.REPOSITORY.QUEUE, In that all the cluster information will stored

It contains channel name, port no. And ip address that are mentioned in the receiver channel

Using SETMQAUT, this used assign permission to the user. SETMQAUT –M QMname –n objname –t objtypr –p prinicipal –g group + all dmpqaut –m qmname –n objetname –t objecttype –p user to display set of all users given permission on the object DMPMQAUT—— to display set of all the permission for the user who are under that group

Requested and Receiver are same except that the Requester channel can starts the sender from requester side

Advantages of using cluster are Administration task will be reduced. load balancing  and Increase resource utilization  and High availability

Clussed and clusrcvr channels SYSTEM.CLUSTER.REPOSITORY.QUEUE SYSTEM.CLUSTER.COMMAND.QUEUE SYSTEM.CLUSTER.TANSMISSION QUEUE (Please do not disable the put or get attribute on cluster)

Depending upon client requirement we are using both liner and circular loggings

In windows C:\program files\ibm\web spear mq\log\qmgrs\active C:\program files\ibm\web spear mq\qmgrs\qname\errors In Unix – / var\mqm\log\qmgrs\active Var\mqm\qmgrs\qmname\errors

MQ stands for MESSAGE QUEUEING. WebSphere MQ allows application programs to communicate across different platforms by using the proprietary message queuing software.

Integration. Asynchronous process Guaranteed Delivery Scalability

A message is a string of bytes that is meaningful to the applications that use it. Messages are used to communicate between applications. The applications can be running on the same platform, or in other platforms

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