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Vagrant is an open source software used to create and manage virtual development environments. It can be considered a wrapper around virtualization software such as VirtualBox and configuration management software such as Chef, Ansible, and Puppet.

Vagrant allows you to use virtualization and cloud technologies to power faster, efficient, and sharable development environments. It duplicates the development environment to allow users to easily share and combine data on different machines and also takes care of security concerns.

Vagrant Training Curriculum

An Introduction to Vagrant

Why Vagrant?, The Tao of Vagrant, Alternatives to Vagrant

Plain Desktop Virtualization, Containers, Cloud

Vagrant Versions

Setting Up Vagrant

Installing VirtualBox, Installing Vagrant

Mac OS X

Common Mistakes

Improper PATH Configuration, Conflicting RubyGems Installation, Using Vagrant Without VirtualBox

Your First Vagrant Machine

Up and Running, The Vagrantfile, V1 versus V2 Configuration

Working with the Vagrant Machine

State of the Vagrant Machine, SSH, Shared Filesystem, Basic Networking, Teardown, Suspend, Halt, Destroy

Provisioning Your Vagrant VM

Why Automated Provisioning?, Supported Provisioners, Manually Setting Up Apache, Automated Provisioner Basics.

Shell Scripts, Chef, Puppet

Multiple Provisioners

“No Provision” Mode, In-Depth Provisioner Usage

Shell Scripts

Inline scripts, Run-once scripts

Chef Server

Modules, Hiera Data, Custom Facts, Using a Puppet Master

Networking in Vagrant

Forwarded Ports

Pros and Cons, Basic Usage, Collision Detection and Correction, TCP versus UDP

Host-Only Networking

Pros and Cons, Basic Usage, Guest Operating System Dependency

Bridged Networking

Pros and Cons, Basic Usage

Composing Networking Options
NAT Requirement As the First Network Interface

Modeling Multimachine Clusters

Running Multiple Virtual Machines, Controlling Multiple Machines, Communication Between Machines.

Host-Only Networks
Bridged Networks

Real Example: MySQL


Why Boxes?, Box Format, Basic Box Management with Vagrant, Creating New Boxes from an Existing Environment, Creating New Boxes from Scratch

Creating the VirtualBox Machine

Configuring the Operating System, Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions, Additional Software, Minimizing the Final Box Size, Packaging It Up, Setting Vagrantfile Defaults

Extending Vagrant with Plug-Ins

Extensible Features, Managing Vagrant Plug-Ins

Plug-In Development Basics

Plug-In Definition, Plug-In Components, Error Handling, Vagrant Internals

A Basic Plug-In Development Environment
Developing a Custom Command

Component, Implementation, Working with the Virtual Machine, Working with Multimachine Environments, Parsing Command-Line Options

Adding New Configuration Options

Component, Implementation, Accessing the Configuration, Configuration Merging, Validation

Adding a Custom Provisioner

Component, Implementation, Provisioner Configuration, Configuring the Machine

Modifying Existing Vagrant Behavior

Component, Implementation, Useful Keys in the Action Environment

Other Plug-In Components
Packaging the Plug-In

Vagrant Environmental Variables


Vagrant Configuration Reference

Troubleshooting and Debugging

IRC, Mailing List/Google Group, Professional Support

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