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WCF Tutorials

WCF Tutorials Overview

Welcome to WCF Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to gain in depth understanding of Microsoft WCF Framework. In these tutorials, we will cover topics such as WCF Architecture, Contracts, Hosting etc.

In addition to WCF Tutorials, we will cover common interview questions and issues of WCF Framework.

WCF Overview

WCF11windows communication foundation

11WCF is a technology used to implement “service oriented architecture programming” (SOA programming)

11To understand SOA programming we need to look into the history of programming languages.

11The era of 1990’s started with structured oriented  programming

11In structured oriented programming the code was written in the form of functions like,

Int add (int x, int y)



Int subtract (int x, inty)



11In structured oriented programming though reusability  was their but it was not efficient and whenever a problem is redefined / enhanced it was required to write complete code again.

11To overcome this drawback in the era of 1990’s we got object oriented programming.

11Object oriented programming we got the concept classes as well as objects.

11Functional programming of structured oriented converted into object oriented programming i.e, parameters of the functions are transformed to data fields & properties of a class and functions are written without parameters just like,

class clsArithmetic


Int x,y,z;
Public .int px

Public int py
public int p3

public void add()
public void subtraction



11Object oriented programming completely speaks about classes & objects and communication will take place with the help of object data using this we are able to get all the facilities of object oriented programming like abstraction, encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance, etc.

11With this object oriented programming we are able to build efficient applications using different object oriented programming languages like c# .net, Java, etc.

Homogeneous Applications

The applications developed using same technologies/ programming languages are known as “homogeneous applications”

 Heterogeneous Applications

Applications developed using different technologies are known as “Heterogeneous Applications”.

Communication between homogeneous applications will be taken place with object data like,


Advantages of object oriented programming

Communication among heterogeneous applications is not possible on proprietary formats in object oriented programming engorges.

Make communication among the heterogeneous application in the era of 2000 companies have come with a new communication format i.e., “Massage format” like,


A message is the data required to be transferred heterogeneous application with open standard output

Service oriented architecture programming speaks specially to communicate among the heterogeneous applications. If we consider a scenario like to allow users to combine & reuse them in production of applications.

 Messages:-  A message is the data i.e. used to be transferred between two heterogeneous applications & which is in an open standard format.

11A message. is a self contained unit of data that may consists of several parts including body & headers

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WCF Tutorials
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