Steps to create a planning application

Open the workspace using following URL


  • Provide the Login details(admin, password)
  • Click on Login
  • Click on Navigate and Click on Administrator
  • Click classic administrator
  • Click planning administrator
  • Click on create Application

Then it will display all available data sources in a drop down list

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Choose the one you have created already

  • Provide the planning application name
  • Select the shared servicers project from dropdown list
  • Leave the default instance then click on next
  • Select the base time period as “12” months

Physical start year, start month leave the weekly distribution with the default selection and provide total number of years that your applications is going to support the budgeting needs of the organization.

We make all these selection according to our requirements in functional specification document

-- >Click on Next

-- >Select the default application currency according to your reporting currency

Enable the multiple currency support. If this application is going to be used by the budget users who belongs to different countries according to business locations.

By enabling this multi currency support budget users can enter the data using the local currency.

  • Click on Next
  • Select number of plan types according to your no of departments that is going to use the budget application. Technically each plan type is nothing but a planning application under planning database.
  • Click on Next
  • Review your selection
  • Click on finish

Once application has being created successfully

  • Click on File -- >Open -- >Application -- >Planning -- > name of application to open the planning application

Note:- When you create a planning application if you don’t select any shared services project then you’re planning application will be under unassigned application category in shared services, your planning application will not be visible in workspace to open.

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