Silver Light SDK (200)

20 September, 2018


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This software contains all the necessary class breccias  these are helpful to develop silver light applications

We have different versions in these like 1.0, 2.0,3.0 and 4.0 with visual studio 2010, it is preferable to use 2.0 or higher

Silver Light Toolkit

This will contain all the controls that are supported by silver light when we install this software we get all the controls added to toolbox in visual studio-net or other editor tools

For Running the silver light applications

Silver light runtime software

Silver light managed debugger

Silver Light Runtime Software

When we install silver light runtime s/w, it will provide all the necessary plug-ins to the browser, so that the browser can run the silver light appsns

This is a lightweight component composed to  silver light SDK.

Silver Light Managed Debugger

This is the optional s/w, we need to install this s/w if we would to run silver light application with debugging mode.

If we want to run without debugging then it is not required to install this s/w

It is preferable to install silver light s/w in following order

  1. Silver light SDK
  2. Silver light toolkit
  3. Silver light Runtime
  4. Silver light Managed debugger

We should not use silver light toolkit 200 we should download March 2009 silver light  200

Creating Silver Light application

Open visual studio – net 2010


Click on file  11 new  11project


Double click on visual CH form installed template


Select silver light category right side we find


2 templates


Select silver light appn template


Type the application name SLA sample


Choose the location to save


Click on ok


Add silver light application dialog box will be displayed


Click on ok

This will create two categories of files

Silver light application project files

Silver light application project web files


Design the page in page.xaml

Double click on button & write the code in page.xaml.cs  protected void Button1_click { text Blockl.Text=”welcome to silver light”


  • Build the solution
  • This will create Build the solution
  • This will create.xap file within the client bin folder
  • In our example file will be created like SLA sample.xap xap means xaml application package. Called as silver light application package called as silver light application package
  • This is a compressed zip file contains all the files that are required to start the application to run the application use the following steps

Click on Debug

click on start without debugging                [ctrl+f5]

Application will run


If we want to run with debugging here we need to install silver light managed debugging package

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