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SAP Treasury and Risk Management (SAP TRM) is an integrated solution, in which the various components are closely linked. The financial transactions managed in the Transaction Manager can be evaluated and monitored using the analyzer components. In addition to the TRM analyzer components Market Risk Analyzer , Portfolio Analyzer, and Credit Risk Analyzer , the Transaction Manager is also linked to SAP Cash Management .

SAP TRM Online Training Course Curriculum

Treasury And Risk Management Introduction

Basic Settings, Company Code and, Required setting till GL Accounts Creation,  Customer Master Data,  Business Partners Creation.

General Settings In Transaction Manager

General settings,  Define Company Code additional data,  Define Portfolio ( Money Market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Commodities and Securities),  Define Traders (Business Partners),  Assign Factory Calendar,  Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas,  Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas,  Define and Assign Valuation Classes,  Define Account Determination.

Money Market / Foreign Exchange (includes Delta settings)

Define Product Types,  Define Number range for Transaction Types,  Define Flow Types,  Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type,  Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows,  Define Derivation Procedures and Rules,  Define Update Types and Assign Usages,  Assign Flow Types to Update Types,  Define Correspondence Activities,  Assign General Valuation Class.


Define Currency Units,  Define Number Range for Security Classes,  Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type,  Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type,  Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows,  Define Derivation Procedures and Rules.

Market Data Management

Currency Exchange Entries, Reference Interest Rate Entries,  Securities and Indexes,  Enter Commodities Spot Prices,  Credit Spreads for Transactions,  Securities and Loans,Volatilities – Interest, Securities, Exchange.

Credit Risk Analyzer (Under SAP Risk Management)

Global Settings,  Define Collateral Priority,  Define Collateral Type,  Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration,  Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for,  Money Market transactions,  Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check.

Market Risk Analyzer (Under SAP Risk Management)

Basic Settings, Define Maturity Band, Define Cash Flow Indicators& Cash Flow Types,  Value at Risk,  Key Figures and Evaluation Procedures, Simulation.

Cash Budget Management Overview

The main task of Cash Budget Management is to identify control payment flows in light of liquidity considerations. This means, for example, identifying impending ill-liquidity or possible budget overshoots promptly. While Cash Management takes a short term view, Cash Budget Management deals with medium-term and long-term liquidity developments.

Before you can use Cash Budget Management, you must also have Financial Accounting. The cash balances come from cash and bank accounts in Financial Accounting. Every posting made in Financial Accounting affects the balances in Cash Budget Management.

Cash Budget Management includes the following functions:

Displaying business transactions having an effect on liquidity, by revenue and expenditure item.

Planning and displaying the payment flows and funds balances for any period you choose

Differences Between Cash Budget Management and Cash Management

Cash Budget Management differs from Cash Management in the following respects:

Planning Interval

Cash Management deals only with the short-term liquidity of a business, while Cash Budget Management is concerned with the medium term and long term.

Division of Revenues and Expenditures

Cash Management divides revenues and expenditures by customer and vendor group, while, in Cash Budget Management, the division is by revenue and expenditure item.

Financial Budgeting

Planning is not possible in Cash Management, but you can use Cash Budget Management to plan payment flows for any periods you want.

SAP for Public Sector supports tax and revenue management processes, including:

Taxpayer management
Interaction with taxpayers, creation of new taxpayers or new accounts, setting up filing frequencies, and supporting multichannel filing, such as paper-based forms and electronic filing. Plus, the solution enables the automation of the validation of tax returns, calculate tax liability, and trigger further actions, such as reminder letters and penalty calculations.

Collection and disbursement
SAP solutions enable you to process payments using a variety of payment methods, including manual processing of payments that cannot be assigned or settled automatically.

Case management
SAP for Public Sector allows to manage a variety of case types, such as bankruptcy cases and audit cases, using a centralized information repository for managing events that are triggered from multiple sources and channels. Tax authorities can also recover outstanding receivables using internal collection departments.

Financial customer care and dispute management
SAP for Public Sector gives the ability to conduct all financial-related communications with customers through multiple communication channels. The solutions include integrated receivables and collections management capabilities that ensure your service agents have the information they need to provide accurate answers and take immediate action – ensuring that disputes are handled effectively and rapidly.

List of important TRM T-Codes

TRMT – Translation Tool – Drilldown Report. Treasury – Treasury
TRM0 – Execute Report Treasury – Treasury
TRMO – Transport reports Treasury – Treasury
TRMS – Display Structure Treasury – Treasury
TRMC – Comments Management: Treasury Treasury – Treasury
TRME – Create Report Treasury – Treasury
TRM5 – Change Form Treasury – Treasury
TRMD – Distribute Report Treasury – Treasury
TRMP – Transport forms Treasury – Treasury
LTRMS – trm Monitor Logistics Execution – Task & Resource Management
LTRL – trm Log Reports Logistics Execution – Task & Resource Management
TBB1 – Execute postings Financials – Transaction Manager
TPM13 – Treasury Ledger: Flow List Financials – Transfer to Financial Accounting
FTR_CREATE – Create a Transaction (TR-TM) Financials – Transaction Management
FTR_EDIT – Process a Treasury Transaction Financials – Transaction Management
TPM44 – Fin.Products Profit Accrual/Deferral Financials – Transaction Manager
TBB4 – Accrual/deferral Financials – Transaction Manager
TPM12 – Treasury Ledger: Position List Financials – Transfer to Financial Accounting
OVKP – SD Table TVKD “Customer detrm procdr SD – Basic Functions
TPM20 – Posting Journal Financials – Transfer to Financial Accounting
TRTM – Access Report Tree Financials – Information System
BBPATTRMAINT – FlowLogic Service BBPATtrmAINT SRM – Application Monitors
V/42 – Output Detrmntn Procdr (Billing Doc) SD – Output Determination
LTRA – trm Alert Monitor Logistics Execution – Task & Resource Management
JBRT_CFM – ALM Simulation for trm IS – Asset/Liability Management
LROUT – Creation or adjustement of routes Logistics Execution – Task & Resource Management
CRMC_IT_ASSIGN – Customizing Maint.: Item Cat. Dtrmtn CRM – Basic Functions for Business Transactions
S_BCE_68000354 – IMG Activity: OALE_CHECKCONtrmODEL Basis – ALE Integration Technology
LTRCC – trm Customization Consistency Check L

Salary Trends

Average Maximo Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

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