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SAP for Retail provides web-enabled applications in a fully integrated system that creates value for retailers in important areas of their business. It helps retailers build their business on a solid transactional backbone, integrate different sales channels, better understand customer preferences, and manage their supply chain more efficiently. SAP for Retail brings all the speed, efficiency, and flexibility of the Internet to every aspect of your enterprise.

SAP for Retail focuses your entire value chain — from the way you manage customer contacts and fulfillment to how you maintain inventory and analyze performance — on your customers, generating measurable benefits in cost, revenue, and strategy.

SAP IS Retail Training Curriculum

​Basic Principles

Introduction about ERP & SAP Retail, Difference between Retail and Manufacturing business, Retail Process & Terminology

Enterprise Structure

Defining, Company code, SD Org Elements, MM Org Elements, LE Org Elements, LO org Elements, Assignment, Assigning all the above defined elements to each other, Retail Specific Settings (configuration), Master Data.

Customer Master Data

Account Groups configuration, Partner procedure Determination, Vendor Master Data, Site Master Data, Distribution Center Creation, Store Creation, Site Profiles Configuration, Article Master Data, Single Articles, Generic Articles, Sets, Displays, Pre Packs and Additional, Source List and, Vendor Info Record.

Grouping Article

Merchandize Categories, Single articles merchandize category, Generic articles merchandize category, Classification

Strategic Sales

Assortment, Assortment creation, General assortment, Assortment Modules, Listing and Listing Procedures Configuration, Single article listing, Multiple article listing, Promotions, Promotion Type Configuration, Promotion creation and Free Goods, Bound Buy, Discounts and Coupons and Subsequent activities, Pricing and Condition technique, Condition types and pricing procedures configuration, Retail specific price configuration, Sales Price calculation.


Requirements Planning, MRP over View, Consumption Based Planning, Forecasting Methods, MRP Running, Purchase Requisition, Purchase Order, Goods Issue.

Merchandise Distribution Planning

Lean Warehouse & DC Management, Distribution profiles, Article profiles, Recipient Driven & Merchandize Driven, Merchandise Distribution with allocation process, Merchandise Distribution with collective PO process, Put Away, Direct Delivery.


Sales Order Process, Pricing configuration, Delivery Process, Picking, Goods Issue, Single delivery creation, Collective deliveries creation, Billing Process, Single billing creation, Collective billing creating, Retail specific sales process.

Integration Between Retail and POS systems

Batch Jobs Creation & Monitoring Batch Jobs, Data flow Overview between Retail and POS systems, Inbound Profile Configuring, Filters setup, Outbound Profile Configuration, Filters setup, Retail specific interface monitoring tools.

Cross Application Components

ALE Configuration, Logical system creation, Ports creation, Different ports and functionality, Partner profile configuration, Inbound, Outbound, Message Control, Distribution model view setup, Idoc Configuration, Change Pointers, Master data & Transactional Data Processing, Trouble shooting methods of failed idocs, EDI over View.

After Completion of Course

Over View on Implementation projects, Land scaping, ASAP methodology, Over View on support projects, Ticket handling
Enhancements, Resume Preparation.

SAP IS Retail Advantages

The analytical foundation of Extreme Applications for Retail integrates your customer, product, and POS data to enable real-time analytics. On top of this analytical foundation, we have positioned several modules containing the solution’s core functions, each of which allows you to interact more effectively with your customers and increase sales and profitability

Enable real-time recommendations with the Market Basket Analysis module Most retail growth comes from persuading loyal customers to buy more or visit stores more frequently. But to do this you need to analyze enormous amounts of data in real time to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer. Until now, harnessing the wealth of information available has been very challenging, and most retailers have had little choice but to make recommendations based on limited, infrequently updated data. .

The Market Basket Analysis module enables intelligent real-time recommendations and promotional offers based on a wide range of data related to the customer’s prior shopping behavior and earlier same-day purchases made by similar customers. It helps to drive more cross-sell opportunities by detecting when shoppers have entered the store via a smartphone mobile app or quick loyalty card scan at the store entrance, for example. Rather than having to wait until checkout at the cash register, store associates can immediately begin proposing available merchandise, coupons, and additional products these customers are likely to buy. It also allows you to take the current state of inventory into account to decide which products to merchandise together, more accurately predict sales lift, and determine which combinations of merchandise drive the largest margin and represent the largest opportunities.

Interact with customers more intelligently with the Next Best Action module Companies have traditionally focused on developing cross-sell and retention strategies with predictions based on historical purchase behaviors that are updated on a monthly basis. This limited, static approach does not include data related to customer interactions with specific products, brands, or stores nor does it allow for adjustments based on recent behaviors.

The Next Best Action module enables smarter strategies that integrate purchase behaviors and promotion rules with predictive algorithms for action recommendations that are customized, relevant, and can be delivered right at the moment customers are interacting with you – whether they’re shopping online, casually browsing for sales in a store, using their loyalty card at the register, or chatting with a customer service representative. This instant insight will allow you to do more than just sell relevant merchandise to your shoppers; it will enable you to give them the multifaceted, relevant attention they increasingly expect.

Optimize sales and promotions strategies with the Markdown Management module Retailers have to take many factors into account when running a promotion and must react quickly in response to change, whether it’s accurately timing discounts to correspond with the release of new merchandise, ensuring that there are enough promotional items in stock, or understanding how markdowns may affect stores and channels differently. Until now, limited access to data has made this instantaneous action impossible, limiting the effectiveness of promotions.

To optimize supply chain response and support ongoing promotions, the Markdown Management module uses real-time sales and inventory information as well as margin analysis to smooth sales over a given period of time. It increases the efficiency and profitability of markdowns by allowing you to adjust promotional strategies in response to sales and margin performance and inventory sell through, match the purchase history of loyalty cardholders to relevant sales and promotions, and optimize logistical costs associated with promotions.

Reference – Capgemini

Salary Trends

Average SAP IS Retail Salary in USA.

SAP IS Retail Training


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