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Printer Page Customization

1. Page Size Customization
While printing checks (cheques) and invoices there is always a requirement to customize the page size on dot matrix printers while printing on the scroll (continuous paper sheet). Here for demonstration I have selected EPSON LQ-300+ and will demonstrate on Windows XP operating system.
1.1. Login as local administrator on your Windows XP machine,
Windows : Start > Printer and Faxes


1.2. Install the drivers of your printer if not already installed. Here we have EPSON LQ- 300+ ESC/ P 2 installed.
1.3. Click (single) on the installed printer and from menu File > Server Properties



1.4. Select any Form and enable the check box Create a new form.
1.5. Provide Form name and provide your desired Paper size (Width & Height) in inches.

Form nameErpstuff paper size 8.50×4.00
Width8.50in (inches)
Heigh4.00in (inches)


1.6. Click OK (button) to save the settings.
1.7. Now open the properties page of your printer by right clicking the printer icon.


1.8. Click Printing Preferences (button) and select Paper Size erpstuff paper size


 1.9. Click OK (button) on all screens to save the changes.
1.10. Send a print from Oracle Report Builder.




Note: The layout of the reports developed in Oracle Report Builder 6i based on scott
1.11. Make sure the proper Printer Name is selected.


 1.12. Make sure the proper Printer Name is selected and also verify the Properties.
1.13. Take the printout from the printer and match with your requirements.





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Printer Page Customization
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