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25 October, 2018


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In this lesson we are going to learn how to create Page Button Bar. In the Page Button Bar region the items what we placed under it we can see in  top and bottom of the pages. It means this region is helpful if we scroll down to the page and we need to click on some button to perform certain action then we can create those items under Page Button Bar region. The items inside Page Button Bar works just like in our mail accounts generally if we open a mail then we can delete that mail by clicking on Delete button and if we observe in most accounts Delete button is available on top of the mail and even bottom. Creating Page Button Bar First create one page in a project. Here we are taking the same page which we created early contains five other regions. Under the main region in a page create one more region and select region style as “Page Button Bar”. 14   The property inspector of Page Button bar is: 15   After creating region with Region Style as “Page Button Bar”, create two items under the region and select Item Style as SubmitButton. 16 For one Submit Button item give prompt as “Ok” and for other give prompt as “Cancel”. Now after creating items under the Page Button Bar region, run the page and see the output we can see in the output items will be displayed on top and bottom of the page. Look  at the below figure which shows the look of output and also it shows how the items in the other region are placed: Check out our Popular Trainings  Structure of OAF Advantages and Dis-Advantages of OAF Oracle SOA Training in Bangalore Creating First OAF Page in Project

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