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A real-time kernel is software that manages the time and resources of a microprocessor, microcontroller or Digital Signal Processor (DSP), and provides indispensable services to your applications. A Real Time Operating System (RTOS) generally contains a real-time kernel and other higher-level services such as file management, protocol stacks, a Graphical User Interface (GUI), and other components. Most additional services revolve around I/O devices.

Embedded Kernal & RTOS Development Training Curriculum 

Introduction (Types Of Executions)

Sequential execution, Batch system, Multi-tasking, RTS, Kernel, RTOS.

RTOS Concepts

Fundamentals, Reason for concurrency, Abstraction, Levels of abstraction, OS types, RTOS types, RTOS stages, Task controlled block, Program, controlled block, CPU bounded applications, IO bounded applications, Preemptive multi-tasking, Scheduling types, Error handling, Symmetric multi-processors, Asymmetric multi processors, Symmetric multi-processing system, Asymmetric multiprocessing system, Priority inversion, Priority, inheritance, Priority sealing, Dead lock, IPC (Inter/Intra Process Communications), Interrupts handling.


RL-ARM, Threadx, Renesas, Fee RTOS, RT-Linux.

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