What is MVC and why we use MVC?

  • MVC is originally a design pattern.


What is a design pattern?

  • A design pattern is a blue point. Which is used to solve a problem in a standard approach
  • Software engineering a design pattern is a reusable solution to a commonly accruing problem, within a given context of a software development.

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MVC pattern:-

  • MVC pattern was invented by ‘try give Reenskang’, in the year 1978.
  • MVC pattern was first implemented as a part of smaltalk-80 class library.
  • The MVC has proven very successful pattern today in building web based application.
  • Example of web application frame work the follows MVC patterns are
  • net MVC, Ruby on Rails, Merb, diango.
  • In java struct, springs wicket, JSF.

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