Salesforce Interview Questions And Answers

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a CRM tool that delivers to subscribers as the cost-effective software platform for SaaS(Software as a Service).

Define custom object in Salesforce?

Custom Objects in salesforce refer to DB tables that store data refers to your organization at

Data loss in salesforce is due to?

The following reasons can include data loss:

  • By changing date-time & date.
  • By altering the picklist of multi-select with any type except picklist
  • By altering from auto-number instead of text.
  • By altering text-area for email, URL, phone & text.
  • Combining with other data types like number, percent & currency.

Define how salesforce is beneficial to SaaS?

Clients can select to not renew & discontinue using the program at any time instead of penalty other than being able to use Salesforce because SaaS is subscription dependent. SaaS is used to help users to avoid initial fees for startups & investments. It uses simple internet interface with easy integration.

Relations that are offered by

The following are the relations that support salesforce:

  • Lookup Relationships.
  • Master-Detail Relationships.

Define static resource in salesforce?

The place where subscribers can upload images, jar files, zip files, javascript & CSS files that are referred in the Visualforce page can be with salesforce static resource. The size of static resources in salesforce reserved to be 250MB.

In salesforce activities what is Who ID & What ID define them?

Typically Who ID defines people represent leads or contacts.


  • Contact ID.
  • Lead ID.

And the What ID refers to the objects.


  • Opportunity ID.
  • Account ID

Mention the automatically indexed fields in Salesforce?

The following are the fields that indexes automatically:

  • Foreign Keys.
  • Primary Keys.
  • Audit Dates.
  • Custom fields that are marked as external ID or Unique Field.

Test coverage that is the minimum necessary for a trigger to deploy?

If any of you want to deploy code for production in Salesforce, you must ensure that at least 75% of the Apex code via unit tests. Also, they should be complete successfully.

The number of queries can a “Select” query return?

50,000 records can be retrieved from the SOQL Command.

The number of queries can “Sosl “ query return?

2,000 records can be retrieved from “Sosl” command.

Define maps in Apex?

Data can be stored in the form of key-value pairs by using Maps. whereas each unique key maps to a single value.

Syntax:: Map<String, String>country city = new Map<String, String>();

Define the data types that can Set Store?

The following data types can be included for Sets:

  • Built-in Apex types.
  • Collection.
  • Primitive types.
  • Object.
  • User-defined types.