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IBM Brokerage Services, powered by cloud Matrix, can provide integrated services to plan, buy, and manage or broker IT services across all cloud models from multiple suppliers while reducing risks and costs. WebSphere Message Broker an enterprise service bus providing connectivity between applications and services in a service oriented architecture.

IBM WebSphere Message Broker Training Curriculum

WebSphere Message Broker Overview and Architecture

Need for Integration (EAI), Types of integration, SOA Architecture Overview, Overview ‘n’ Architecture of Message Broker, Installation Overview w/t, Software pre requisites, Components of Message Broker, Broker, Broker Domain, Configuration Manager

User Name Server

New Features of WMB, Universal Connectivity for SOA, Routes and Transforms Messages from anywhere to


New SAP nodes, PHP nodes for Dynamic Scripting, IMS request node for using the IMS, TM Resource Adapter

Message Flows and Message Sets Development

Message flows, Introduction to Message flows, Built-in nodes and configuring their properties, Input and Output nodes, Message Manipulation and transformation nodes, Collating requests nodes, Decision making nodes, Sub flow identification nodes, Design Message Flows & Sub Flows

Introduction to ESQL

Programming Structure, Data Types, Variables, Field references, Operators, Statements, Functions, Procedures & Modules, Configuring, ESQL within Nodes, Correlation Names, Logical Tree Structure, Message tree and Environment tree, Local Environment tree and Exception List tree

Message sets

Introduction to Message sets, Domains & Parsers, Message Modeling, Message Set Projects, Message Sets, Message Definition Files, Category files, Physical formats in the MRM domain, Mapping (Overview, Types of Mapping ‘n’ Database with mapping)

User Defined Extensions (Plug-in Nodes)

Creating User Defined Extensions, Compiling User Defined Extensions, Installing User Defined Extensions, Distributing User Defined Extensions, Testing User, Defined Extensions, Java plugin API

Unit 8: Publish/Subscribe

Overview of Publish/Subscribe, Publishing, Subscribing, Creating Topics, JMS, Pub/Sub, MQ Pub/Sub, User Name Server, Security

Web Services

Overview of Web Services, Developing Web Services, WSDL (Web Service Description Language), SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), UDDI(Universal Description Discovery Integration), Publishing Message Flow as Web Service, Interacting with Web Services through Message Flow, Testing and Validating Web Services, Using HTTP nodes w.r.t Web Services

Database Interaction

DB Interaction via JDBC/ODBC, DB Interaction via DB Retrieve and DB Route Nodes, Enabling DB lookups by DB nodes without using JDBC Adapter

IBM WebSphere Business Integration Adapters

WebSphere Business Integration Adapter Framework, WebSphere Business, Integration Adapters, Adapter development, Development overview, Business objects, Object Discovery Agents, Data handlers and name handlers, Business object handlers, Connector properties, Jtext and jdbc, Email ‘n’ SAP Connectors

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