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IBM Informix is a product family within IBM’s Information Management division that is centered on several relational database management systems (RDBMS) offerings. It supports heterogeneous clusters and deployment options including very high levels of data redundancy with fault tolerance.

IBM Informix Training Curriculum

Introduction to Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) Terminology

Define basic Informix Dynamic Server terms, Query the sysmaster database for information about the server

IDS Installation & Setup

Identify the right product, Extract & Install the IDS product, Setup raw chunks for space, Setup Environment, ONCONFIG parameter changes, SQLHOSTS file changes
Instance creation, Bounce Informix Server Instance, Switching between server modes

Managing Disk Space

Physical Units, Logical Units

Shared Memory

Resident portion
Virtual portion
Message portion

Monitoring Message Log File

Managing Configuration Parameter File

SMI Tables

Monitor/Manage Database Server Activity using Tools

onstat, onmode, oncheck, onparams, onmonitor, oninit, ondblog, onspaces

Backing up Data and Logical Log Files (Ontape, Onbar)

Data Migration Tools

load/unload, dbexport/dbimport, onunload/onload, dbschema


Finder Utility

Update Statistics

Set Explain

Database Logging

Physical Logging, Logical Logging

Lock Management

Session Management

IDS Isolation Levels

IDS Data Types

Identify the Informix data types, Choose the appropriate data type for a data column

Creating Databases and Tables

Create databases and tables, Determine database logging and storage requirements, Locate where the database server stores a table on disk, Create temporary tables, Locate where the database server stores temporary tables, Use the system catalog tables to gather information, Use the dbschema utility

Altering and Deleting Databases and Tables

Drop a database and Drop a table, Alter a table, Convert a simple large object to a smart large object

Create, Alter, and Drop Indexes

Build an index, Alter, drop, and rename an index, Identify the four index characteristics

Managing and Maintaining Indexes

Explain the benefits of indexing, Evaluate the costs involved when indexing, Explain the maintenance necessary with indexes, Describe effective management of indexes, Enable or disable indexes

Table and Index Partitioning

List the ways to fragment a table, Create a fragmented table, Create a detached fragmented index, Describe temporary fragmented table and index usage

Maintaining Table and Index Partitioning

Alter a fragmented table, Alter a fragmented index, Explain how to skip inaccessible fragments

Data Security

Use the database, table, and column level privileges, Use the GRANT and REVOKE statements, Use role-based authorization


Create views, Use views to present derived and aggregate data, Use views to hide joins from users

Introduction to Stored Procedures

Explain the purpose of stored procedures, Explain advantages of using stored procedures


Create and execute a trigger, Drop a trigger, Use the system catalogs to access trigger information

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