Governors Limits

26 October, 2018


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Governors Limit in Salesforce

Because apex runs in a multitenant environment. The apex runtime engine strictly enforce a number of limits its that runaway apex. These limits are called Governor limits. If some apex code ever exceeds a limit, the associated governor issues a runtime exception that can not be handled. Salesforce Online Training Shared Database Metadata → The data which is .xml format. If we create anything like fields objects then these data will be stored as metadata (.xml format) into the database.

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The Limits are:

  • Total number of SOQL queries issued → 100
  • Total number of records retrieved by SOQL Queries → 50,000
  • Total number of SOSL queries issued → 20
  • Total number of records retrieved by single SOSL query → 200
  • Total number of DML statements issued → 150
  • Total heap size → 6 MB
  • Total number of methods with the future annotation allowed per apex → 10
  • Total number of classes that can be scheduled concurrently → 25

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