Anonymous and Named types ASP.Net

16 October, 2020


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2In general anonymous types of declared with var keyword like

var a =10;

var b=20.5;

var c=” sai”;

2What we use the data type in C# like int, string, double, etc. are known as “named types”.

2Anonymous types are introduced in 2.0 versions of .net framework and C#.

2Anonymous types cannot be used as Global variables.

2Initialize the data into an anonymous type is mandatory.

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Different between Anonymous and Named types


Named Type Anonymous
  1. Type is known at source time
Type is known at compile time
  1. User/ programmer will decide the type of the variable
Compiler will decide the type of the variable
  1. Use respective type keyword to create a variable with names type
Use var keyword to create a variable with an anonymous type
  1. Can be used as a local /global variable
Can be used as a local variable only and can’t be used as a global variable data field of the class
  1. Can be used in any context
Can be used in the following situations
  • As local variable
  • In for loop initialization
  • In for each loop initialization
  • In using statement
  1. Initialization of variable is optional
Initialization of variable is mandatory
  1. In the case of number, types can be used with increment/decrement unary operator
In case of number types cannot be used with increment/ decrement unary operator  -> for a = a++ produces compile-time error
  1. Multiple variables can be declared in same statement like object a=10,b= “sai” , c= 10.5
Multiple variables can’t be declared in the same statement as var a=10,b= “sai” raises compilation error
  1. Can be used with unsafe code
Can’t be used with unsafe code
  1. Doesn’t support complex types
Support complex types

Examples with Anonymous types:

Name space CA sample
Class sample
Static void main ()
Var a=”10”;
Var b=”sai”;
Var c=”10.5”;
c.w.l(“value of a :-“+a);
c.w.l(“value of b :-“+b);
c.w.l(“value of c :-“+c);;

Create an array and print elements using Anonymous type?

Name space CA sample
Class sample
Static void main ()
Int []A=new int [6]{10,20,30,40,50,60};
String []B=new string[3]{“sai”,”Ram”,”krishna”};
c.w.l(“elements of array A are:-”);
for each (var X in A)
c.write (X+” “);
c.wl (“/n element of array B are:-“);
for each (var X in B)
console write (X+” “);
console read ();
Name space CA sample
Class example3
Static void main ()
Var Pname =New {Sname=”Sachin”, Fname=”Ramesh”, Lname=”tendulker”};
Var DOB=new {Day=14, month=”April”, year=1973};
c.w.l(“person name is:-”+Pname.fname+Pname.Lname);
c.w.l(“DOB is:-”+DOB.month+”-”+DOB.year);

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