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Objects and Classes in C++


  • ‘C’ is a collection of functions but ‘C++’ is a collection of class and object
  • Object is an instance of class
  • Allocating memory for members of class, is called as instance


eg :

int x

float y                                  instance

employee emp


What do you mean by SBI of an object  ?

SBI  –  – > state behavior identity

  • SBI stand for state, Behavior and identity since every object has the above the rule

State :  It is a just a value to the attribute of an object at a particular time.

Behavior    It describes the action and their reactions of that object

Identity :   An object has an identity that characterizes its own existence





Data type/ user definedInstance of class
It is a logical entityObject is a physical entity
Class does not have stateit having state.



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Objects and Classes in C++
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