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Configuring Log Files in Oracle SOA

Oracle SOA Suite components generate log files containing messages that record all types of events, including start-up and shutdown information, errors, warning messages, access information on HTTP requests, and additional information.

To configure log files:

1.  Access this page through one of the following options:


From the SOA Infrastructure Menu…From the SOA Folder in the Navigator…
  1.   Select Logs>Log Configuration.2.      Right-click soa-infra.3.      Select Logs>Log Configuration.


The Log Configuration page displays the following details:

  • A View list for selecting the type of loggers for which to view information:
    • Persistent: Loggers that become active when a component is started. Their configuration details are saved in a file and their log levels are persisted across component restarts.
    • Active runtime: Loggers that are automatically created during runtime and become active when a particular feature area is exercised (for example, soa.b2b or oracle.soa.bpel). Their log levels are not persisted across component restarts.
  • A table that displays the logger name, Oracle Diagnostic Logging (ODL) level for setting the amount and type of information to write to a log file, the log file, and the log level state.


Description of the illustration sca_logconfig.gif

  • Perform the following log file tasks on this page:
    1. In the Logger Name column, expand a logger name. This action enables you to specify more specific logging levels within a component.
    2. In the Oracle Diagnostic Logging Level columns, select the level and type of information to write to a log file.
    3. In the Log File column, click a specific log file to create and edit log file configurations.

For more information about ODL log files and the level and type of logging information to write to a log file, see Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator’s Guide.

Click the Log Files

This page enables you to create and edit log file configurations, including the log file in which the log messages are logged, the format of the log messages, the rotation policies used, and other parameters based on the log file configuration class.


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Configuring Log Files in Oracle SOA
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