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CommVault Interview Questions And Answers

What are the Features of CommVault?


CommVault software delivers access, protection and sharing for e data reliably, securely and cost effectively whether in the filed, remote site or central office.

Enhance productivity with secure file sync and share

Reduce Risk, minimize data leakage, improve data availability and meet compliance requirements

Simplify Administration with one robust solution for desktop, laptop and server data

Lower the cost of protection remote and mobile data

Access protected data from anywhere

What are commserve DR Procedures?

Hardware Fresh: Copy DR Set to Stand by commserve and perform Restore the CS DR set to satand by CS.

DR set can be restored in 2 ways.

Install Commserve software and perform restore using commserve Disaster Recovery tool GUI. And later perform Name change or

During Commserve Installtion, Perform Dr Restore from Existing backup.

What is a Storage Policy?

Storage associates the client Backup to storage Disk or Tape Lib. In that copy policy is used to set Retention.

What is Global Dedup Storage Policy?

The global deduplication policy enables deduplication across multiple storage policies that uses a common set of disk libraries and deduplication database (DDB).

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What are the types of Copies and what are they?

There can be only one Primary Copy and Different types of AUXILARY/SECONDARY. The types of copies are.

Selective Copy: A selective copy allows you to copy specific full backup jobs from a source copy, the source copy can be either a primary or a synchronous copy. Selective copy facilitates better tape rotation.

Inline copy: Here Both Primary and Secondary copy are written to storage during Backup Phase itself. Incase if the secondary storage doesn’t have enough space then backup will fail.

Synchronous copy: In synchronous copy all data of primary is copied.

What are the other ways of doing High availability?

Log shipping.

SQL Mirroring.

Clustering at SQL Level.

How to move the DDB to the New Media Agent?

Right-click the mount path, and then click Share Mount Path. point to new Media Agent. Set it to dafault mount Path. If it is a Tape Library configure tape lib and change datapath.

What is InteliSnap?

It takes a snapshot, and then resumes live operations. IntelliSnap backup works in conjunction with storage arrays to provide snapshot functionality for backup.

What is the use of the proxy server?

you can use a proxy server to reduce the load on the production server. The backup copy operation uses the proxy to move the snap to backup media.

The Storage array is accessed to create a snapshot.

The snapshot is mounted on the ESX server designated for the snap mount.

The snapshot is unmounted.

During the Backup Copy operations:

The snapshot is mounted to the ESX server designated for the snap mount.

The mounted snapshot is treated like file system and the required contents are read.

The file system backup is performed to Primary Copy of the storage policy.

When the backup copy job is finished, the snapshot is unmounted.


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