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CCNA Interview Questions and Answers

Define Protocol?

A Protocol is a device that connects data from one system to other. It will verify how data is transmitted between the networks and devices.

Mention IP Address Size?

IPV6 is 128-bit address and IPV4 is 32-bit address.

Mention the Range of Class A address?

It supports 16 million hosts on each of 127 networks, and it ranges from to

Mention the Range of Class B Address?

It supports 65000 hosts on each of 16000 networks, and it ranges from to

Mention the Range of Class C Address?

It supports 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks, and ranges from to

What are the similarities between dynamic IP addressing and static IP addressing?

Dynamic IP addresses are assigned with the help of DHCP Server and Static IP addresses are assigned with the help of Network Administrator.

In Cisco router, what are the different memories used?

The memories used in router are ROM, NVRAM, RAM and Flash.

How many pins does serial port of router have?

Computer also known as com port will available in 25 pin or 9th pin. In router we have 60 pins.

Define Routing?

A Routing is performed by a committed device called a Router. It is the process of selecting the paths in the network and forward the data from source to destination through it.

What are different types of cable, Explain?

Console, Serial, Cross and straight are some cable used in networking. Console cable is used to access router, Serial cable is used to connect router to another router or switches from a PC.

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