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25 October, 2018


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In this lesson we are going to see how to Create Automatic Search using External LOV and the uses of external LOV in oaf. The difference between inline LOV and External LOV is inline lov is used only inside the page where as external LOV we can use for other pages inside the project. So therefore the use or advantage of External LOV is if we want a list of values to be used for other pages in the project then we can create External LOV region and we can use the created region in any pages of the project. Steps to create External LOV in oaf are follows: Step1: Create Workspace, project , AM and create one page assign AM to the page give page title and window title. For example : workspace name : externlallov Project Name : ExternallovPRJ package name : AM name : ExternallovAM AM Package name: Step2: Right Click on the project select new as shown in the below picture. 15 After selecting new option we will see a gallery window in that extract web tier in categories select OA Components  and then select Region  in items list. 16 After selecting region click on ok button so that a window will get open in that Name : Give any user defined name Package: Select the proper package of the project. Style : select style as List of values.  17 Now one .xml region will be created under webui. Step3: Create on VO under the lov package for example select the package name as follows: VO Name is : externalLOVVO Query in the lov is :-


Step4: Attach VO to the AM. Step5: Under the region create one item and item style as Message LOV input. In previous lesson we already seen how the Message LOV input item structure look like. The below image shows how the Application Navigator and page structure of the project looks like: 18 Step6:  Under the Message LOV input region create on table region using wizard. In the table region select the proper package name and then as we attached our VO to the AM it will display our LOVVO so select that VO and therefore a table region will be created with one item under it. Step7: Select the Message LOV input item and in the Property Inspector of Message LOV input select External LOV as shown in the below figure: 19 Click on the icon  87  so that the following window will get opens 20 Click on the Browse button and then select the proper package name for example see the below picture: 21 Click on the search button and then select the fully qualified name in the search results for example see the below picture: 22 Click on OK button so that JDeveloper asks for confirmation in that click on OK button. 23 Step8: Run the page and see the output. The following three images shows the output and its work process 24 Click on the search image 12  so that it displays list of values as shown below. 25   Select any value whichever you want to select. Use Quick select or radio button process: 26 Check out our Popular Trainings  Structure of OAF Advantages and Dis-Advantages of OAF Oracle RAC DBA Training in Hyderabad Creating First OAF Page in Project

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