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Ajax Popup Control Extender

Popup Control Extender

PopupcontrolExtender is used to make a control popup when user click on a control display the selected value in the target control  and hide the popupcontrol.


TargetcontrolID :

PopupcontrolID : Used to specify ID of the control to popup when the user click on the target control

offset x & offset Y : Used to specify position of the popup control relative to the target control


The following example demonstrates how to use the popupcontrolExtender.

Add a page to the website and place a ToolkitScriptManager followed by an update panel & within the update panel a textbox & panel and for the textbox set the ID as T1.

Within the panel control in updatepanel take a radiobuttonlist control, set its ID as ‘RL’ and Add some items to it using the items property.

Within HTML source of the page Drag & Drop a popup control/Extender and set following properties for it.

<asp:popupcontrolExtender ID=”popupcontrolExtender1” runat=”server” TargetcontrolID=”T1” popupcontrolID=”panel1”  offset=”30”>


For the RadioButtonList set Autopostback property true and write the following code within selectedIndexchanged of that RadioButtonList.



popupcontrolExtender1.commit(RL.selcted value);


At runtime when you click in the Textbox the panel with RadiobuttonList will popup and whatever the Radiobutton you select, value of that radiobutton will be displayed and will be hidden

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