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Ajax File Upload Control

AJAX File Upload

AJAX file upload is also used to upload files to the server.Advantage of this over Asyncfileuploader & fileupload of control of is you can select multiple files at a time with a Ajaxfileupload and displays the progress of uploading a file by clicking on the AJAX file upload you can select multiple files by holding control (ctrl) or shift key.

You can also select multiple file by simple dragging & dropping the files on to the AJAX – fileupload control.


Allowed file type :

Used to specify a list of allowed file types by separationg them with (;) semicolon.


Used to specify the Maximum Number of files user can upload using the Ajaxfileupload

Style :

This property is used to specify the style for the control using CSS properties.


SaveAs () : Used to save the file selected in Ajaxfileupload to the server.

Within the browsers like Internet explorer chrome its that support HTML5 & CSS 3 this control can automatically display the progress of uploading a file with a progress bar when if takes time to upload.


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