10g Installation steps: (10g – windows XP 32 bit)

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21st September, 2018




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10g Installation steps: (10g – windows XP 32 bit)

  1. Install Data base XE
  2. SOA 10g install (Note: included OAS)
  3. J developer (No need of install J developer in 10g, just copy it paste)

10g installation steps (own):

  1. Database : password  = welcome1                            User manual

re enter password = welcome1

  1. SOA 10g : Instance Name = Home User manual

password = welcome1

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Starting and stopping server(10g)

  • C:/product/ Oracle AS-1/bin/Opmnctl start all
  • C:/product/ Oracle AS-1/bin/Opmnctl stop all
  • C:/product/ Oracle AS-1/bin/Opmnctl status

Server URL (10g)

  • http: //local host:8888/ BPEL console – (Deployed SOA projects)
  • http: //local host:8888/ESB– (Deployed ESB projects)
  • http: //local host:8888/EM– (configuring adapters and deployed java projects)
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Projects Deploy steps(10g)

  1. BPEL projects -> Right click on project –(Deploy)
  2. ESB projects -> Right click on project –(Register with ESB)

Patch SOA 10g ( + patch (

  1. solutions for the Bugs (Defects) n the product
  2. Extending the functionality.
  • Data base 10g User name = system welcome1
  • Data base 11g User name = system
  • SOA 10g user name = OC4jamin welcome1
  • SOA 11g user name = web logic
  • SOA 10g default port no =8888
  • SOA 11g default port no =7001(for web logic),8001(for SOA)
  • SOA 10g SID =XE
  • SOA 11g SID =Orcl

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