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TIBCO iProcess Suite is a proven and comprehensive suite of business process management software that enables organizations to streamline the internal and external.TIBCO iProcess Engine provides the runtime execution environment for business processes developed using TIBCO Business Studio, TIBCO iProcess Workspace (Windows) and other TIBCO iProcess Suite components.

TIBCO IProcess Training Curriculum

Introduction to Integration

Introduction to BPM, TIBCO iProcess Suite Overview, Process Management Engine, iProcess Clients, Objects Server and Objects Director, Pre-Installation Steps, Installation of iProcess.

Pre-Installation Tasks, Installation of iProcess Engine

Advanced Architecture, Foreground Processes, MBOX sets, Background Processes.

Installation of iProcess Modeler, Verify the Process Sentinels

Administering Users, User Manager, Users, User Types, Groups, Roles, Supervisors, Attributes, Move System Information.

Administer iProcess Engine Users

System Utilities, SWADM, SWSVRMGR.


Mechanics, Processing Work items, Investigate how work items appear in queues, Benefits of message queuing.

Shutting Down and Starting Up a BG Process Sentinel

Performance & Tuning, Investigate performance options, Identify bottlenecks/performance issues, General Error Handling.

Manage iProcess Engine Performance

Increase the number of WIS processes using the swadm utility, Configure the number of Background processes using the swadm utility, Troubleshooting, Usage of sw_error and sw_warn files.

Troubleshoot the Background Processes

Activate the generation of debug information in iProcess Engine Logs, TIBCO iProcess Objects, iProcess Objects Architecture, Installation, iProcess Objects Server

Configure iProcess Objects Server

Configure iProcess Objects Server, Test iProcess Object Server Configuration, TIBCO iProcess Server Manager, Hawk Architecture, iProcess Server manager capabilities, configuration, process control, process view

Monitor the Processes Using iProcess Server Manager

LDAP & UVAPI, Usage of iPE LDAP Client, Overview of UVAPI, Node Clustering, Node and Node Cluster, Master and slave responsibilities

Create a iPE Node Cluster

Activity Monitoring, Implementation Overview, Setting IAP JMS Topics.

Configure iPE for Activity Monitoring

Salary Trends

Average TIBCO IProcess Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

TIBCO IProcess Training

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70 ratings
    • The online course session was good with a lot of discussion on the subject in depth. Demo's were good and the trainer cleared my doubts clearly.The trainer having a very good command on the subject.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
    • Real time/live scenario's were included in the training sessions. The trainer's has very good command on the subject. Thank you..
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Claire Edwards
    • I like the training period from Tekslate. The course is very well designed that helps to keep track until we demonstrate subject mastery.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Anya Vasilisa
    • Using most innovative teaching techniques, Tekslate intended to help students to learn through online. A great part of the coursework is allowed to use and earn certification by the time they finish t ...
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Alvin Alicia
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