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IT managers deploying SAS Enterprise BI Server can make use of previous investments, integrate BI capabilities quickly into existing environments and get decision makers the information they need. When they need it. This, with the added benefit of freeing resources from tedious tasks to focus on more strategic projects, ensures that IT is a driving force behind organizational success.

From a functional perspective, the most common applications for any SAS solution are planning, budgeting, financial consolidation, compliance reporting and forecasting, general data warehouse reporting/ dashboarding, and sales and marketing analysis. SAS can do all of these things using a variety of approaches (pieces and parts of the BI platform). One of the ways to look at all of these tools is by looking at the features and functions of BI offerings in general then map these appropriately to the SAS offerings.  One of the most powerful aspects of the SAS 9 BI environment is the ability to create centralized definitions of business logic (i.e., SAS programs via Stored Processes) or data (via Information Maps) and to automatically have those definitions available across the business via a variety of tools designed specifically 9 for particular purposes. The SAS9 Enterprise BI Server facilities for surfacing data tools are considered to be the most important ‘integration points’ of the SAS BI Platform. The BI Framework is a web-based tool that works with the Information Delivery Portal to display dashboards of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

SAS BI Training Course Curriculum

Overview of the SAS BI

Business User Reporting Applications,Use the SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office,Use SAS Web Report Studio,Use SAS Information Delivery Portal

Advanced Reporting Techniques and Roles

Modify an existing SAS Information Map,Create a New SAS BI Dashboard Indicator,Create data sources for reporting and analysis,Interpret permissions,File structures defined in metadata administrator

Creating Information Maps

Utilize different data sources,Use filters and the prompting framework,dynamically subset data,Create prefilters to subset the information map data,Use the SAS Information Maps LIBNAME engine

Building a SAS BI Dashboard Application

Build SAS BI Dashboard Components,Build advanced SAS BI Dashboard Components

Building Stored Processes

Create a stored process from a SAS Enterprise Guide Project,Create a stored process from a SAS Program,Add prompts to a stored process,Create a stored process to provide a dynamic data source,Define the macro variables generated for each prompt type

Utilizing Advanced Techniques with SAS Reports

Build advanced reports with SAS Web Report Studio,Create and use SAS report templates,Link reports in SAS Web Report Studio, Schedule and distributing SAS Reports,Build SAS reports with SAS Enterprise Guide,Create shared prompts

Utilizing Multidimensional (OLAP) Data Sources

Apply Online Analytical Processing concepts,Build an OLAP cube with SAS OLAP Cube Studio,Build an information map from a SAS OLAP Cube

SAS BI Certification

Candidates who earn this credential will have earned a passing score on the SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9 exam. This exam is based on SAS 9.4 Maintenance 2 using the 4.4 version of the BI clients and is administered by SAS and Pearson VUE.

  • Having an SAS certification distinguishes you as an expert.
  • For SAS certification, you need not go to a test center, as the certification is available online.
  • You need to register yourself at http://www.pearsonvue.com/sas/ to give your SAS BI Content Development for SAS 9 Exam.

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    • The online course session was good with a lot of discussion on the subject in depth. Demo's were good and the trainer cleared my doubts clearly.The trainer having a very good command on the subject.
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    • I like the training period from Tekslate. The course is very well designed that helps to keep track until we demonstrate subject mastery.
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    • Using most innovative teaching techniques, Tekslate intended to help students to learn through online. A great part of the coursework is allowed to use and earn certification by the time they finish t ...
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