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About SAP Project Systems

SAP Project Systems (PS) is an integrated project management tool used for planning and managing projects. It has several tools that enables the project management process such as cost and planning budget, scheduling, requisitioning of materials and services. SAP Project Systems helps to manage and support all the SAP projects in company. SAP PS is used in an organization for planning, scheduling, collecting and generating revenue and expenditure over a period of project period.

SAP PS Online Training Course Curriculum

Project System Basics

Project Management basics

Project Structures

Structures, Document, Overview of DMS

Claims Management

Co versions, Planned costs, Budgets, Actual costs, Automatic and period allocation –Settlement, Revenue and earning, Automatic and periodic allocation,  Result analysis and Integration with SD,  Quotation and sales pricing,  Resource related billing, Dates, Scheduling,  Dates planning in WBS element

Resource Planning

Capacity Planning with Work Center, Workforce Planning, Capacity Leveling , External Processing Service

Materials Planning

Bill of material transfer, Availability check, Procurement, Monitoring of dates, Capacity Planning with Work Center, Workforce Planning, Capacity Leveling, External Processing Service

Cost Planning

Hierarchical Cost Planning, Unit Costing Detailed Planning, Easy cost Planning Network Costing, Planned costs of assigned Orders

Revenue Planning

Hierarchical Planning, Detailed Planning Billing, Plan Sales Planning

Budget Planning

Original Budget, Budget Updates, Budget Release, Budget Cary forward Availability Control

Project Execution Model

Actual Dates

Actual dates of WBS element, Actual dates of Activities, Actual dates of Milestones


Individual Conformation, Collective and Summary Confirmation

Material Procurement and Delivery

Material Procurement Process, Delivery from Project


Milestone Billing, Resource- Related Billing

Tracking Project Progress

Milestone Trend Analysis, Progress Analysis

Period End Closing

Processing type Result, Analysis Settlement

SAP PS Infographics

SAP Certification Benefits

SAP PS Certification

This certification test verifies proven skills and fundamental knowledge in SAP ERP Project Systems. It proves that the candidate has a good overall understanding within this consultant profile, and can apply this knowledge practically under guidance of an experienced consultant.

Exam Details:


Salary Trends

Average SAP PS Salary in USA is increasing and is much better than other products.

SAP PS Training

Ref: Indeed.com

Course Reviews


25 ratings
    • This was a very good and helpful training for beginners like me. The content was well explained and the exercises were well taught and a bit on the easy side.
      Profile photo of Oliver Lee
      Oliver Lee
    • Good info and simple to implement. I find that the courses are well covered.
      Profile photo of Ayesha Fatima
      Ayesha Fatima
    • I am currently engaged in on-line training through the TEKSLATE. Thanks for good interactive Content. Found them informative and Great. I am pretty pleased with my first time virtual training experien ...
      Profile photo of Rohith Sachdev
      Rohith Sachdev
    • The instructor is really good at explaining things along with examples and analogies to help you understand the concepts better. I would recommend this online training to my friends for sure. After th ...
      Profile photo of Davis Sebastian
      Davis Sebastian
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