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MapReduce is a programming model for processing large amounts of data in a parallel and distributed fashion. MapReduce programs are designed to compute large volumes of data in a parallel fashion. This requires dividing the workload across a large number of machines.The communication overhead required to keep the data on the nodes synchronized at all times would prevent the system from performing reliably or efficiently at large scale.

MapReduce Training Curriculum

Basic concept of OOPS

Object, Class, Attributes, Inheritance, Aspects of Java

Creation of Project, Class, Package

Java-Eclipse, How to Create New java project, How to create New java Class, Hello World program, How to run this program, Types of integer, Class creation & name given, Create object, Creation of package

What is java Inheritance

Sub-class & super Class, Map-Reducing in Inheritance

What is overloading & overriding

What is method of overloading, overloading modify, Difference between overloading & overriding, Method of overriding

Abstration Concepts

Basic concept of abstract, Abstract class demo, Class extends, Difference between Abstract & concrete class, Implementation of abstract class in java, Difference between JRE & JBM

Mapreduce Programming

Word count example, Exception, Tool runner, Mapper, Map method, Sum reducer

What is Map Phase?

Introduction and characteristics of big data, Introduction of Hadoop and its work, What is HDFS and its explanation with example, Introduction to Map Reduce?, What is Map Phase?, What is Reduce Phase?

Hadoop ecosystem

Introduction to Hadoop ecosystem, How Hadoop solve problem of typical distributed system, What is Sqoop and its working, What is Qozie and its working, What is Pig and its working, What is Flume and its working, What is Hive and its working, HDFS Storage Mechanism, How files are Stored / Read / Written in HDFS, Understanding Demons

Hadoop installation

Hadoop installation, Introduction to Mapreduce and HDFS

How to develop Mapreduce Application

MapReduce job Execution, MapReduce,Combiner, MapreducePartitioner, Shuffle & Sort Phase, Map Reduce in detail, Comparison b/w YARN and MRV1, Cloudera Developer Certification Overview

How to develop Mapreduce Application

Hands on Exercises on Map Reduce, Introduction to Mapper, Box classes and Reducer, Input Formats and Output Formats, How to filter File Inputs, How to work on amazon cluster

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85 ratings
    • The online course session was good with a lot of discussion on the subject in depth. Demo's were good and the trainer cleared my doubts clearly.The trainer having a very good command on the subject.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
    • Real time/live scenario's were included in the training sessions. The trainer's has very good command on the subject. Thank you..
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Claire Edwards
    • I like the training period from Tekslate. The course is very well designed that helps to keep track until we demonstrate subject mastery.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Anya Vasilisa
    • Using most innovative teaching techniques, Tekslate intended to help students to learn through online. A great part of the coursework is allowed to use and earn certification by the time they finish t ...
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Alvin Alicia
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