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How to Stop JBoss Application Server

Stopping JBoss Application Server

If started in foreground using the run script, simply hit CTRL+C

If running in the background as an OS service, stop it just like any other OS service

  1. /etc/init.d/jboss stop (on UNIX/Linux)
  2. kill -TERM <jboss-pid> (on UNIX/Linux)
  3. NET STOP JBoss (on Windows)

Use the shutdown script (remote shutdown): $JBOSS_HOME/bin/shutdown.sh -S (shutdown.bat on Windows)

A JMX client to shutdown (exit or halt) a remote JBoss server.

usage: shutdown [options] <operation>


-h, –help               Show this help message (default)

-D<name>[=<value>]       Set a system property

—                       Stop processing options

-s, –server=<url>       Specify the JNDI URL of the remote server

-n, –serverName=<url>   Specify the JMX name of the ServerImpl

-a, –adapter=<name>     Specify JNDI name of the MBeanServerConnection to use

-u, –user=<name>         Specify the username for authentication

-p, –password=<name>     Specify the password for authentication


-S, –shutdown           Shutdown the server

-e, –exit=<code>         Force the VM to exit with a status code

-H, –halt=<code>         Force the VM to halt with a status code

 To shutdown a remote JBoss AS instance, use: ./shutdown.sh -s jnp://remoteHostOrIP:1099 -S Remote instance’s IP address and port are specified by its Naming service configured in ${jboss.server.config.url}/jboss-service.xml

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